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Talentrade's programmes equip you with the tools and skills used by the world's top strategy consultants. Backed by decades of behavioural, social, and neuroscience research, we help you confidently navigate rapidly changing situations.
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“Years later I'm still using what I learned on Talentrade's consulting course”
Communications Officer, UNICEF

Simplifying the path to success 

Talentrade's in-person and virtual programmes bring together learners and facilitators from diverse sectors and regions, to learn to tackle challenges collaboratively. Each programme builds the following:

Increased Self-Awareness 

Through personality assessments, frameworks and self-reflection exercises, you will identify your strengths, blindspots, and what makes you unique.

Analytical Problem Solving Skills

You will learn the tools and methods to identify and break down problems in order to logically structure and analyse them.

Effective Communication

You will learn practical techniques to empathise with others, build rapport, and communicate persuasively for impact.

Learn with instructors who get it

Talentrade brings together former management consultants from leading firms including Accenture, Mckinsey, Deloitte, and the Boston Consulting Group to deliver the course materials while sharing their personal experiences, tips and insights.

We also train and certify facilitators from across sectors and non-consulting backgrounds. If you are interested in facilitating or hosting Talentrade courses at your organisation, please get in touch at
"This programme has helped me understand myself, at a whole new level. I already notice shifts in my perspective, and I've been putting the lessons into action. I feel like I'm finally in the driver's seat of my personal and professional growth"
Commercial Analyst, Coca Cola
The mix of the group from different sectors meant different experiences could be shared, and the way the modules were knitted together made for an excellent experience. One year later and I still go back to my notes from the course.
Senior Project Manager, UK Department for Education
Not only is the course content amazing, but the diversity of this cohort was next-level. Every sector, race, gender and age were balanced and it really felt like a family by the end.
Senior Account Manager, Google