Work with purpose

A one-of-a-kind collaborative learning community

Talentrade’s mission is to super-charge collaborative learning by making the journey to peak performance and wellbeing inclusive, enjoyable, and meaningful for all.

Three Live Bootcamps

We keep it simple - we offer three cohort-based courses.

Peer-to-Peer Coaching

Learners solve problems & build habits together.

Learning Circles

Participants continue their learning in community.

Productivity App
[coming soon]

Gamified goal setting & learning to drive agency.

The Consulting Skills Bootcamp
Summer 2024 session registration now open!

Learn how to tackle tough problems, navigate complex environments and manage diverse stakeholders from top strategy consultants. 
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Aug 6 - Oct 8
9:00 am to 12:30 pm EDT

10 weeks
- 3.5 hrs/module each week
- 30 min/wk  Independent Work

- Virtual
- Multi Sector

# Participants
- 8 Min.
- 20 Max.

Who we serve

Talentrade works with a range of organisations 

Our program uses a Relationship-Based Learning model, where learners also teach, exchanging skills and insights to enhance everyone's experience. This human-centric approach fosters new relationships and lasting lessons.

Large corporations

Top-tier companies understand the need to continuously innovate to tackle future challenges and stay ahead in the fierce talent market. Your success hinges on keeping top-notch, flexible employees who excel in solving a variety of problems. By joining us, corporate partners not only invest in their own growth but also support the non-profit sector, creating a dynamic environment for learning and collaboration among organisations pursuing meaningful change.

Charities & non-profits

In this period of significant social and economic shifts, it's crucial for charities to invest in their people to innovate, adapt, and collaborate with progressive organisations. Course fees for non-profits are covered by corporate and government partners, removing financial barriers to participation and collaborative learning.

Government & public agencies

Talentrade's courses offer government professionals the chance to sharpen their problem-solving skills and network across sectors. This preparation is crucial for addressing complex global issues from a multi-stakeholder perspective. Fees from public sector participants also support non-profits and small and medium enterprise attendees, acknowledging their vital role in a thriving economy.

Small & medium enterprises (SMEs)

Investing in employee development is crucial for SMEs to enhance motivation, commitment, and creativity, ensuring survival and growth in the current and future economy. Course fees for SMEs are heavily subsidised, facilitated by contributions from government and public sector participants, reducing budget constraints as a barrier to increased productivity and growth.

Feedback from our participants

Three years later and I’m still in touch with my corporate buddy from Mastercard who I now consider a friend and who’s advice has been invaluable for my career.
Carine, ​Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
This training has been hugely beneficial in equipping me to do my job with more purpose and strategy. I would recommend to anyone who wants to become a high performer.
Kelly, ​UN World Food Programme
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Having the space to meet with people from other industries made the time and effort all worthwhile. I am recommending the program to my wider team.​
Grace, ​Adobe
Everyone should do this training!
Chris,​ Mercy Corps & The JobTech Alliance

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Meet the team

Our team of experts embodies the diversity of skills and continuous learning we strive to promote through our programs.