Charities, non-profits, and social enterprises often do not have access to the training and tools commonly used in big corporations. Our Core Consulting Skills Program breaks down this barrier, enabling social mission-driven organisations to access the skills, knowledge, and expertise of top talent in the world’s most innovative companies.

Our classroom training allows social impact organisations to build relationships with and learn directly from those working in large corporations, face to face.

Talentrade and our corporate partners understand that charities and non-profits face resource constraints. That’s why every corporate facilitator pays a program fee which also covers 90% of the training fee for one charity participant to attend the program. This is just one more way that our corporate partners demonstrate their commitment to supporting charities and healthy communities. 

I’ve never attended a training program like this. It has changed the way I work completely, and bridges the divide between companies and charities.
— Carine @ Brooke

We help you amplify your impact in the social sector



Complete our online application to show your interest to participate



Successful applicants select program dates, and  complete a pre-course baseline questionnaire and  personality assessment



Participants attend five full days of training over either of our two program formats: one week, or one day weekly for five weeks



Participants complete 10 one-hour follow-up chats with a corporate facilitator, and can attend ongoing network learning events

Want to host a full cohort at your organisation? Partner organisations can set their own time and location and nominate their own employees to participate. Contact us here to learn more.